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CarDoc powered by CarRx
CarDoc powered by CarRx

Whichever Road You Take, CarDoc powered by CarRx Keeps You Connected & Protected Every Step of the Way

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Maintenance Made Simple with CarRx

CarRx gives you peace of mind whenever you have a problem with your car. Get notified of routine service and maintenance checks and receive alerts when an important issue arises with your vehicle. Translate over 7,000 error codes into plain English, taking the stress out of the check engine light. CarRx provides easy to understand explanations to be informed about what’s actually wrong with your vehicle and how severe of a problem it is so you know whether or not it’s safe to keep driving.

  • Vehicle health scans
  • Scheduled maintenance reminders
  • Easy access to open recall information
  • Convenient online service scheduling
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The Smart Solution for Drivers

Smart means being prepared for whatever life throws your way. With CarDoc and CarRx, you can spend less time focusing on your car and more time focusing on the things that matter most. Our comprehensive solution keeps drivers informed, connected, protected, and ready to tackle any bump in the road.

Real-Time Location Data

  • Advanced GPS technology lets you know where, when, and how your vehicle is being driven in real-time.
  • Forget where you parked? Not a problem. Locate your vehicle with the simple press of a button on the app and-voila! Instantly see where your car is.

Theft Protection

  • Rest assured if the unthinkable happens. CarDoc powered by CarRx’s advanced GPS system allows you to instantly see where your car is.
  • Once a police report has been filed, our 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Recovery team works with law enforcement to help you locate your vehicle in a timely manner.

CarRx Health Scan

  • Get notified when it’s time for routine service and maintenance checks.
  • The CarRx app scans your vehicle every 15 minutes while it’s running and will send a diagnostic report if a problem arises that triggers your check engine light.

Smart Alerts

  • Stay informed with how and what your vehicle is doing with Smart Alerts.
  • Get battery, fuel, geofence boundary, maintenance, and service alerts sent directly to your smart phone app.

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CarDoc powered by CarRx
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