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August 8th, 2019 by

Learn some essential care car tips for college students near Tampa FL
Unbelievably, back to school season is already upon us. And while that usually means picking up a new backpack, packing your laptop charger, and stocking up on snack foods, don’t forget about your car! Making sure vehicle’s maintenance and performance are top-notch will help ensure a smooth road to college, back home, and all over campus.

Here are our six tips to help you avoid unnecessary car troubles this semester:

Test Battery
Your car’s battery is essentially its heart, so be sure to take good care of it. Several things can affect the life of a battery, but one over four years old should be tested regularly to avoid a battery failing at an inopportune time.

Check Dashboard Warning Lights
Any flashing warning lights on the dashboard? Those are there to alert you of both minor and also major problems with your vehicle. An orange warning light should be checked as soon as you are able to, and a red one as soon as possible.

Confirm Current License and License Plate Tab
Confirm license and license plate tabs are current: Before you head off to college, make sure both your license and license plate tabs are all current. If they’re either expired or set to expire soon, take measure to ensure that you’ll be able to renew them. Don’t get stuck with an expensive ticket due to an expired plate!

Get Emergency Roadside Kit
No matter if you’re headed 100 miles away to college or just 10, it’s always a good idea to have an emergency roadside kit in your car for the unexpected. This kit should at the very least include first aid content, flashlight, battery booster cables, knit gloves, reflective warning triangles, and survival wrap.

Inspect Tires
They’re the only part of your car that actually touch the road, so proper tire care is critical. Visually inspect your tires to ensure there are no cracks or bulges. And older, worn tires are dangerous to drive on in wet or wintery conditions and should be replaced around the 4/32 groove depth mark.

Get Oil Change
If the battery is the heart of the car, then the oil change is the blood. Getting consistent oil changes keeps your car running smoothly on the road and avoid more serious, costly engine problems. Every car is different but consider getting your oil changed if it’s been longer than six months or 7,500 miles, and especially before any long road trip to or from college.

Have any of the above issues? Schedule a free Multi-Point Inspection today at Ocean Honda near Tampa. We can help change your oil, diagnose that warning light, and test/replace your battery and tires, leaving you to focus on what’s important this semester.

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