Fuel Cell: What you need to know right now

October 20th, 2020 by

Get to know Fuel Cell
Fuel‑cell technology is complicated, but the end result is quite simple: reducing the carbon footprint of your vehicle’s emissions, with water as your only emission. That’s because this leading‑edge technology converts hydrogen into electricity that powers the electric drive motor without relying on gas. You only need a few minutes at a dedicated fueling station and you’ll be ready for your commute or a quick getaway outside the city.


Thoughtful technology.
Fuel‑cell technology offers several key conveniences over traditional gas‑powered vehicles: quick refuels, no carbon emissions, and potential clean‑vehicle benefits. This ranges from potential eligibility for HOV lane access2 to a clean vehicle rebate in California3. Discover the perfect drive for your lifestyle.

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Fuel Cell vs. Plug‑In Hybrid
Day‑tripper or road warrior? With a range rating of 300 miles4 or more, a fuel‑cell vehicle is perfect for commutes and detours. But for the week‑to‑weekend driver, the plug‑in hybrid is for you. This hybrid powerhouse runs on electricity first, then switches to gas when needed. Regardless of the drive, you can feel good about using less gas.

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This family is electrified.
The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is only available in California. But you can discover more energy‑conscious options that are available nation‑wide in our Honda lineup: the Clarity Plug‑In Hybrid, Insight, Accord Hybrid and more. Discover which drive is right for you.

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