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  • Honda continues long history of leadership in EPA fuel economy and low CO2 emissions, among the top full-line automakers for more than 40 years
  • Honda 29.1 mpg fleet average fuel efficiency, 3.7 mpg better than industry average
  • Fleet average CO2 emissions bettered the industry average by 44 g/mi

Honda again leads the U.S. auto industry with both the highest fleet average fuel economy and lowest fleet average CO2 emissions of all full-line automakers in America, according to a new report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released today. Honda continues a more than 40-year history of fuel-efficiency leadership as the most fuel-efficient automaker for the 2020 model year (MY 2020), the latest year for which full data is available, which forms the basis of the EPA report.

The 2021 EPA Automotive Trends Report ranked Honda first among full-line automakers and second overall with its U.S. fleet average “real world” fuel economy increasing to 29.1 miles per gallon (mpg), 3.7 mpg higher than the industry average for MY2020. Similarly, Honda’s fleet average CO2 emissions was 305 grams/mile, an improvement of 7 grams/mile from 2015 results and 44 grams/mile lower (better) than the industry average for the 2020 model year.

America's Most Fuel-Efficient Full-Line Automaker

HondaSubaruHyundaiNissanMazdaKiaToyotaBMWAll OEMsVWMercedesGMFordStellantis 29.1 28.5 28.4 27.9 27.9 27.7 27.0 25.5 25.4 25.0 23.4 23.0 23.0 21.3 Fuel Economy by OEM Fleet Average Miles Per Gallon
HondaSubaruHyundaiNissanMazdaKiaToyotaBMWAll OEMsVWMercedesGMFordStellantis 305 312 312 317 319 320 329 347 349 354 379 386 386 418 Tailpipe CO2 Emissions by OEM Fleet Average Grams per Mile

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