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Tampa locals and Wesley Chapel locals are in for a real treat this fall season with several haunted things to do in Florida. There are a wide variety of haunted houses near Port Richey and surrounding areas for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for psychological thrillers or light-hearted spooky fun, you can find both near Port Richey. Read on below to see which of the haunted houses near Port Richey Ocean Honda recommends visiting! 

Best Haunted Houses in Florida 

There are several haunted things to do in Florida, especially near Clearwater. However, if you’re looking for more than just a pumpkin patch and corn maze, you may have to travel a bit further out. Some of the best haunted houses in Florida are within a one to two-hour drive of Port Richey that are worth the drive! Here are just a few haunted houses near Port Richey: 

Haunted Things to Do in Florida

Now that you have a better idea of the haunted houses near Port Richey, you can explore some general haunted things to do in Florida. Check out some of the haunted things to do in Florida to explore this spooky season: 

  • Sir Henry’s Haunted Trails in Plant City: Features laser tag, escape games, three haunted trails, and much more. 
  • Bahia Shriners Scarehouse in Apopka: Explore a sideshow full of talented and bizarre stage acts. 
  • Scream-A-Geddon Horror Park in Dade City: Features haunted hay rides, trails, scream parks, and more. 
  • Face the Fear-SILENCE in Winter Springs: This immersive outdoor experience encourages you to move silently as you move through this dark journey. No screams, just silence. 
  • Little Oasis Haunted House in Longwood: For those who are 21+, this destination features bars, happy hour specials, outdoor activities, food, haunted houses, and much more. 
  • Orlando Haunts in Orlando: While you may think Orlando is all magic, this haunted attraction will make you think differently. 

Visit Haunted Houses Near Port Richey Today!

Are you ready for a good scare? Contact us at Ocean Honda near Clearwater for any questions or directions to some of the best haunted houses in Florida. We’re to help! Be sure to check out our winter driving tips before the cold weather hits.

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