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Dealership Mechanics vs. Independent Shops

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Is it time for your car’s regular maintenance? Maybe you have a warning indicator on your dash? Then you may be wondering where you should go for your service and comparing dealership mechanics vs. independent shops in the Clearwater area. Ocean Honda thinks the best choice is to go to a dealership mechanic, but don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading to find out our reasons, then schedule a service appointment today.

Dealerships Mechanics vs. Independent Shops: Convenience

Dealership mechanics usually get the job done faster than an independent shop. They have extra staff on hand, increased capacity, and often more tools. This means you wait less time, and can get to that meeting in Tampa and get your car fixed. At an independent shop, you may have to wait until the mechanic can get to your vehicle. 

Dealership Mechanics vs. Independent Shops: More OEM Parts

Since dealerships are usually associated directly with the manufacturer, that means they have more access to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and may even have some on hand. At an independent mechanic, they’ll likely have to be ordered, and you’ll both have to wait for them to arrive in the Wesley Chapel area. At Ocean Honda, you can even order the parts yourself in order to do the repair at home if you want. 

Dealerships Mechanics vs. Independent Shops: Factory-Trained Specialists

If you go to a dealership, their mechanics will be factory-trained specialists for your brand of vehicle. At Ocean Honda, our technicians are the first to receive critical updates on Honda recalls and parts improvements. They also typically only work on one make of vehicle, so you can be sure they know your vehicle inside and out. Lack of familiarity with your vehicle may make your car a learning experience for an independent mechanic. 

Ocean Honda is Always At Your Service

In many ways, dealerships consistently have the edge on independent shops, so when your car needs service and you want the best possible, make an appointment at our service center in Port Richey. You can also browse our service specials to see if you can save some money before visiting us!


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