Steer Mom To The Perfect Present

May 2nd, 2022 by

Moms are always there when we need them most: from teaching us how to ride a bike to comforting us during our first heartbreak. Whenever I was having a bad day growing up, my mom always went out and got me a red velvet cupcake from my favorite bakery – even if it would make her a little late running errands or driving to work. She was there to pick me up from the bus and support me at all my mediocre middle school band concerts – something I will never forget. But it can be hard to find ways to say thank you that can even amount to all the kindness any mom has done for us. So, to get an idea, I decided to go out and ask mothers what they think the perfect Mother’s Day gift is this year. Some gift fan favorites were a new cookbook, an exercise class pass, or, best of all a gift that never fails, a brand-new car.


My mother always said, “it’s easy to fall victim to routine.” She was constantly looking for ways to make life more interesting when my siblings and I were growing up. She said one of the ways she would switch it up during the week would be through trying to make new dinners and recipes. One year, we decided to get her the cookbook “Cook with Me: 150 Recipes for the Home Cook” by Alex Guarnaschelli. My mother still says it is one of our best gifts to date. Better yet, it was a winner for the whole family since we got some pretty great meals out of it too! I still reminisce over her impressive risotto with tomato and parmesan cheese. It is a gift we can all love and take advantage of.


A popular gift of many of my friend’s mothers was an exercise class pass. They loved it because it forced them to carve out “me” time and disconnect from all the stresses of the outside world. Whether it was Barry’s Boot Camp or Equinox, it got moms moving and energized and left them wanting more. Some of my friends even coordinated so their moms could all go to the same classes together – brilliant! They all stated it was an activity they enjoyed and appreciated. Some even do holiday sales and discounts! It was another great gift to add some pizzazz to their generally less exciting weekly routine.


Lastly, the most popular and memorable gift was a brand-new car. People described it as one of the biggest surprises that had a positive impact on their daily routine. The mothers claimed they were so happy to have found something they loved without going through the hassle of test driving a bunch of options and price comparing dealerships and vehicles. The car served as a surprise that many mothers didn’t know they needed.


So, as a grand gesture to thank her for all she had done for me, a car seemed like the perfect gift that was impossible not to fall in love with. She had been driving the same beat-up car for twelve years. She claimed that it was so homey she didn’t know if she could ever find something as good.


A year later my father and I set out to find her a car that was seemingly as perfect and reliable as she is. We wanted to find one that could fit the whole family, was great for road trips and had her favorite feature of all – heated seats and steering wheel. We went from dealership to dealership and finally found a perfect SUV in her favorite color – navy. It was unbelievable; it had high tech features, comfortable seats and great fuel efficiency. We took the car it home, put it on the driveway and wrapped it with a large bow. When we took my mom outside, I can attest that it was one of the happiest moments for her. She grinned from ear to ear and started to tear up. She exclaimed, “this is the best Mother’s Day present in the whole world.” So, if you have hit a brick wall trying to figure out what to get your mother for this Mother’s Day – head on over to a dealership and get her something she can use and love every day.

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