Winter Driving Dangers and Tips

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Winter driving tips near Port Richey FL
Winter isn’t coming, it’s already here! And with winter comes the dangers of driving in snowy, icy, and other adverse situations. Before you hit the road to Clearwater or Tampa, it’s best to prepare for the dangers of driving in the snow.

Winter snow driving tips near Port Richey FL

Dangers of Winter Driving
Ice: Even if it’s not freezing cold outside, ice, especially black ice, makes for dangerous driving conditions since it’s difficult to see until it’s too late and causes a loss of traction, making it tough to steer and stop.

Rust: While salt is helpful and effective in keeping the roads free of dangerous ice, it is also very corrosive, meaning it can lead to paint and rust damage if left unattended. Getting regular car washes throughout winter is a good solution to protecting your car’s exterior.

Electrical System: A car’s operating efficiency is challenged by cold, winter conditions, so it’s important to have the battery, ignition system, and lights all regularly inspected to ensure proper functionality.

Limited Visibility: Winter brings with it less hours of sunlight, gray skies, and snow, of all which negatively impact your visibility while driving and putting you in a more dangerous driving situation.

Winter Driving Tips
What are some of the best ways for driving in the snow? Here are our top winter driving tips:

Safety Kit: Having a just-in-case safety kit in your car’s trunk could be life saving if an emergency should develop. Such items could include a small snow shovel, flashlight, gloves, ice scraper, and blanket.

New Wiper Blades: If your windshield has been streaky lately, consider OEM wiper blades that are designed to retain optimal visibility, especially in adverse conditions.

Winter Tires: The traction between your tires and the road determines how well your vehicle is able to accelerate, turn, and most importantly, stop. Winter/snow tires are designed to give you the best traction possible when driving in winter conditions, such as ice and snow.

Brakes: Speaking of being able to stop in winter conditions, inspecting your brakes is critical as they are responsible for actually stopping your vehicle. When driving in winter conditions, be sure to keep steady pressure on the brake pedal and to not brake suddenly.

Need more on winter driving tips and tricks? Schedule winter auto service today at Ocean Honda where our factory-trained technicians who know your Honda best will make sure your car is winter-ready with a free multi-point inspection.

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